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Korean adoptees in australia network

A resource for adult Korean adoptees in Australia by providing information, raising awareness and building a supportive community.

The Korean Adoptees in Australia Network exists to provide support and resources to Korean adoptees living in Australia.

Many adoptees are curious about connecting with their birth families but don't know where to start.

We provide practical advice at our Birth Family Search page.


Upcoming Events

  • Sydney Gathering 2024 EOI
    Sydney Gathering 2024 EOI
    1 Nov to 3 Nov 2024
    1 Nov to 3 Nov 2024
    Sydney, Sydney NSW, Australia
    1 Nov to 3 Nov 2024
    Sydney, Sydney NSW, Australia
    Celebrating KAIAN's 10 Year Anniversary
KAIAN chuseok dinner-073.jpg

PAST Events

See what past events KAIAN have held in multiple states and cities across Australia.


Join us in Sydney to celebrate our 10 year anniversary at the 2024 KAIAN Gathering — a celebration dedicated to our wonderful community of Korean Australian and International adoptees.

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